PIN Protection

Hulu’s Parental Controls finally getting some love! The goal of this project was to implement a 4-digit PIN feature on adult profiles to prevent kids from accessing mature content across all platforms.

Role: Product Designer (Web)
Team: 3 Designers, 1 PM, 1 TPM and 20+ individuals across Engineering, Research, Legal, Copy and Marketing
Timeline: November 2020 - July 2021 (8 months)

  • Spearheaded Web platform design which had the majority scope of work in PIN creation and management
  • Led cross-functional collaboration across different departments like UX copy and Legal to ensure alignment
  • Facilitated workshops and user testing


  • Launched Hulu’s first Parental Controls feature
  • Reduced calls to Customer Support.
  • ~15,000 PIN enabled accounts in the first 2 weeks and ~37,000 in 5 weeks.
  • In the Press: Protect Young Eyes

Please reach out to me for the password to view the case study for this project 👀