Dogtown Internal


As a UX/UI Design Intern at Dogtown Media, I’ve also had to opportunity to work on a few internal and marketing assets for purposes like brand recognition at events and user engagement online.

SwiftHealth UI Design

SwiftHealth is a medical mobile app solution offered by Dogtown to Hospitals across the nation to incorporate latest cardiovascular emergency protocols for their patients and people in general. I created 3 different and easily customizable templates for clients to adapt according to their branding, making the product their very own.

Custom Iconography

Created using Dogtown colors for use in marketing designs, webpages and other internal assets.

UX / UI Process Graphic

To show the Design process and methodology followed by the Design Team at Dogtown Media.

Marketing Collateral

Webpage Design

I also worked on creating webpage layouts for Dogtown Portfolio Case Studies like Udemy, Know Your Lemons and OU Innovate.